The AIE Masterclasses programme is an essential part of the educational plan at the Reina Sofía School of Music. This programme complements the core curriculum taught in the different departments and poses the teaching of music from a diverse and pluralistic approach.

In the AIE Masterclasses, students have the opportunity to work personally with guest teachers, selected from among the top professionals on the international scene, as well as the chance to know different performance styles and appreciate different techniques.

All students must attend a minimum of three complete master classes of their choice, and this assistance is reflected on their diploma.

Lecciones magistrales AIE - Curso 2020-21

Pablo Heras-Casado Orquesta | 26 al 30 de octubre
Rena Shereshevskaya Piano | 26 a 31 de octubre
Giovanni Guzzo Orquesta | 13 al 21 de diciembre
Oliver Wille Música de cámara | 18 al 21 de enero
Asier Polo Violonchelo | 1, 2, 8 y 9 de febrero
Christoph Poppen Violín | 4 al 8 de febrero
Gerard Caussé Viola | 15 al 18 de febrero
Ryland Davies Canto | 22 al 25 de febrero
Milana Chernyavska Piano | 23 al 25 de febrero
Gerhard Schulz Violín | 8 al 12 de marzo
Dorin Marc Contrabajo | 9 al 12 de marzo
Michel Arrignon Clarinete y música de cámara | 6 al 8 de abril
Ralf Gothóni Grupos con piano | 18 al 21 de abril
Baldur Brönnimann Orquesta | 22 al 27 de abril
Stanislav Ioudenitch Piano | 17 al 20 de mayo
David Afkham Orquesta | 19 al 22 de junio